The Mission part 2

While concluding our viewing of The Mission, I have found that the movie does a good job bringing a lesser known historical era to life.  The Jesuits, however, are portrayed as mediators throughout the movie and toward the end as warriors.  I find my only complaint with that is the obvious Hollywood brandishing, but it does make for an entertaining climatic battle to sum things up for the Guaranis over the falls.  It is interesting to note that the Guaranis never do get an actual voice in the entire movie, either by subtitles or the rough translation via Jeremy Irons to the head of church etc…  There could only be two possible reasons for this.  One is that the language and characteristics of these tribes are not entirely well documented and thus impossible to accurately portray on screen with intricate dialogue between the indigenous and Spaniards.  Two, the producers (or various other decision makers) wanted to dehumanize the indigenous people in the movie if to only supplement the main story which is the Jesuits work in Latin America and Robert De Niro’s character transformation from hunter to holy man.  Regardless of the verdict, I’m sure the intent was not to offend but rather the lack of knowledge on their part.


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